We offer our CONNECTING WITH WCC classes quarterly to help you understand more about who we are and your journey with Christ.


              Connecting with WCC Through Partnership  TBD

                      This class is intended for those new to the congregation or any who

                       would like to know who we are, what we believe, our vision and what it

                       means to be a partner with Willamina Christian Church.


            Connecting with WCC Through Spiritual Growth   TBD

                       This class focuses on the key spiritual disciplines necessary for spiritual

                        growth in  life.


              Connecting with WCC in Ministry  TBD

                       This class is  designed to help participants identify the ministry God has

                        particularly gifted them for within the church and to enable them to get

                        connected with the ministry that best fits them. 



      To sign up for the classes when available you may phone the Church Office or use          the form below.